The Top 2021 Hair Trends You Need to Know About

The Top 2021 Hair Trends You Need to Know About

The new year basically just began, but we are so excited for some happy moments that we’re already looking well into the coming seasons for hair trends that are going to be on fire. In 2020, the “stay-at-home messy bun” was probably trending for nine out of the twelve months, but 2021 has hope that we will get out of our slump and head into a year full of fun up-dos (and down-dos).  Check out some of the coolest spring hair trends on the rise and the products that will help you maintain them. 

Color Trends

Coming off of 2020 is like a breath of fresh air. There was so much time for experimentation and trial and error while most of the world was cooped up inside their homes for months on end. With the hope of a new year and a fresh start, trends that complement and flaunt our looks will be coming out of the woodwork, just like we will.

Natural is on the Rise

The creative hues that were sparked by quarantine experimentation are sure to give way to natural shades. There is a prediction for a lot of sandy and cinnamon brown shades. People are looking for styles that are more natural and require low-maintenance. This time has been a positive reset for many people, and they are looking to embrace their natural hair color and stay as close to it as possible. 

Fantasy Color

While many are ready to return to their natural roots, some are still ready to embrace change with new, vibrant color. Fantasy colors with extra attention on lighter and brighter blonde tones are still catching the eye of many. Icy blonde and freehand painting or balayage techniques with pure white or cream are the outward expression of these positive vibes that people are taking with them into 2021. 

Prepare to see these tones evolve as we move into spring, and the new season reveals creative pastel tones. 

’90s on the Rise

If you haven’t been paying quite enough attention to the fashion at your local stores lately, it is time to open your eyes. The ‘90s are seeping into every facet of the beauty and fashion industries. With this in mind, you should start to see people gravitate towards more lived-in looks as we approach the warmer seasons.

Color Predictions

Whether one-dimensional or multidimensional, there are some serious color predictions on the rise for hair in 2021. Color trends are just as important as any other hair trend out there because jumping on one of these bandwagons may mean a shift in the products you are going to be using. And in case you are looking for a new hue to try, one of these may catch your fancy for the new year! 

  • One-dimensional, dark-chocolate shade
  • Bronzey Brunette (dark-chocolate shades with a bit of dimension from subtle bronze-colored highlights)
  • Warm Brown Balayage (a “sombre,” or soft-ombre look if you will, with color that fades flawlessly from rich dark chocolate to warm brown)
  • Toffee tones to lighten up naturally dark hair 
  • Highlighted curls
  • Rooty-blonde lived-in look (the first time you’ll see blonde hair and low-maintenance in the same sentence ever!)
  • Springtime will see a lot of pastel colors

With a wide range of options at your disposal, you should definitely consult a local salon to pull off your dream look. In the process, be sure to take time to understand your new color needs. 

Adding blonde to any hair will dry it out a bit and can result in brassy tones. Washing weekly with a purple shampoo will be important for maintaining the right tones in your hair. 

Cut and Style Trends

With the shift in hair trends for 2021 comes new ways to cut and style your hair as well. Low-maintenance, natural looks are on the rise, so you are sure to see easy-to-maintain cuts and styles as well. However, lockdown left creatives with a lot of time to get inspired and explore. This led to hair trends for 2021 that are not only easy to maintain but fun and accessible for all styles of hair. We are obsessed with the hairstyles on the rise for the spring 2021 season. 

’90s Bob

While we generally associate the bob as a 1920s thing, we are thinking the effortless bob of the ‘90s is more 2021. We may see those with straighter hair types will give way to blunt, unstructured bobs that rest at chin-level with the hair tucked behind the ear and allow for natural movement in the back. It is easy to style, maintain, and looks great with little need to go the extra mile on throwing into an up-do or fancy hairstyle.

’90s Curly + Coily

It is true that decades tend to come back and resurface into future styles. Curly and coily hair types are predicted to go shorter and boxier for 2021 so that the hair is bouncier. 

In addition, expect to see cuts that use graphic shapes at the chin or right below the shoulder to allow for natural shape and volume as the hair grows out. 

A Bob With Bangs

We are looking at curled-under ends, smooth, volumized texture, and a slight split down the center of the bang. This soft look is sure to be a show-stopper come 2021.

Slick, High Ponytail

Are you ready for some simple glam this year? High ponytails are where it's at—from the runway to your living room, high ponytails offer style and ease without the fuss. And any type of hair can pull this look off and put their own spin on it. 2021 will be full of styles like this where you can achieve a quick, easy look. 

Classic Braid Duo

Hairstylists are drawing braids straight down behind the ears instead of plaiting them down the back of the hea. The result? Instant playful simplicity and sophistication. Boho braids are still hot, and these simplified versions will give you all the low-key feels this year. 

Health-Conscious Beauty is on the Rise

The wave of health-conscious beauty began in 2020. Now, a newer, bigger wave of health-conscious consumers is on the rise regarding hair care. Moisturized, glossy, deep-conditioned hair is what we are all craving.

VoCe is here for all the health-conscious beauty brains out there looking for a better way to get the hair you love and still stay on trend for 2021. Want those deep-conditioned locks? Start now with our Miracle Leave In conditioner. This lightweight, easy-to-use spray quickly moisturizes and nourishes your hair while also locking in shine. Can you say, hello gorgeous?! We definitely can!

Health Conscious Means Product Awareness

If you are noticing shinier, healthy locks as you get back into the real world and we start interacting more in 2021, do not be surprised. With all this extra time at home, consumers are obsessed with knowing what they are putting in their bodies, on their skin, and in their hair. Because of this hyper-focus on healthy hair, choosing products that are right for your hair type and utilize healthier ingredients are a top hair trend for 2021. 

VoCe is already two steps ahead of the competition because we were already on a mission to help you love the hair you are in. Our entire collection of products is designed with the future of health-conscious beauty in mind. We believe that your path to healthier hair is with VoCe products! 

Why are people consistently choosing VoCe for their hair care needs? We keep it simple and effective by using ingredients that are 

  • Paraben free
  • Sulfate free
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan free
  • Globally sourced

VoCe is all about going beyond limits and reaching your highest potential with products that support your journey along the way. Love your hair and explore the trends you love with VoCe at your fingertips. 

In Conclusion

2021 is going to be a breath of fresh air for the hair care and beauty industry. With natural at the root of styles, simplicity as the key to looks, and effortless style dominating the scene, we are sure to see beauty like never before. The top 2021 hair trends are just predictions—as we know, anything can happen. 

In the meantime, VoCe is here to help you maintain and transition any look you want to try this year. With our full line of beauty conscious hair care items, you are sure to have all the tools in your arsenal that you need to up your beauty game and go for those fierce, flawless styles. Here is to a fun 2021! 



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