Your path to healthier hair should start with VoCê Haircare. 

Safe, Clean Formulas

We Voce are committed to formulating clean, sustainable products that are safe to use every day for you and your loved ones. Free of all 1375 ingredients banned by the European Community, known to have harmful side effects or long-term health risks associated with anything we put in our formulas, ingredients we never use: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, harsh, drying alcohols, nanomaterials, microplastics, silicones and formaldehyde.

Proudly Formulated Without...

Parabens can cause drying, scalp irritation, color fading, and even hair loss.

Sulfates may strip away too much moisture and leave the hair dry and possibly damage it," she says. "They may also make the scalp dry and irritated." For those with color-treated hair, sulfates can also strip and dull your hair color

Phthalates can contribute to hair loss because they can disrupt the hormones that function to regulate your hair cycle

Although there can be "good alcohol" for your hair, harsh and drying alcohol will dry out your locks and stops it from looking lush and shiny.

Microplastic in hair product can easily pollute our environment because it takes an incredibly long time for them to break down and decompose. Often times could also affect wildlife who ingests it unknowingly.

A carcinogen, formaldehyde is able to be absorbed through your scalp and has been linked to cancer. 

Exposure to BPA could be detrimental for your health. Most known for being used while creating plastic, BPA can cause infertility, heart disease, obesity, and hair loss. 

Mineral Oil might sound harmless however it can lead to scalp build up which can cause your hair look greasy and stiff prevent you from achieving voluminous and silky hair!

Cyclic Silicones can cause greasy hair because most silicones are not able to fully dissolve meaning it will stay in your hair despite many wash and rinses. This leads to major build up which can weigh your hair down. 

Mercury's reputation precedes itself. As one of the most poisonous metal it can cause hair loss, fatigue and insomnia.