The Best Hair Care Routine for Your Hair Type

The Best Hair Care Routine for Your Hair Type

Hair comes in all colors, textures, and lengths; this we know to be true. But the question remains, are you caring for your hair the way it should be cared for? From dry to oily and straight to curls, hair types, textures, and temperaments need to be handled a certain way to get the best results. 

Being confused about the type of care your hair should receive is okay—we’ve all been there at some point or another. But once you discover the right approach, old habits will die fast. A good hair care routine is priceless. If followed, it guarantees that your hair stays:

  • Healthy
  • Nourished
  • Frizz-free
  • Strong

Those are traits no one should have to go without. Keep reading to find out exactly what hair care routine is the best for your hair type and some VoCe products you can use along with your hair routine. 

The Benefits of a Creating and Maintaining a Hair Care Routine

Maintaining a routine makes sure your tresses remain healthy, soft, and well-balanced. Allowing your hair care routine to go off the rails can result in problems such as infections, greasiness, and more. Caring for your hair the right way, however, depends on your hair type.

Types of Hair

Determining your hair care routine is going to depend on the type of hair that you have. You’ll likely fall under one of the following categories when it comes to designing a routine that will keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

Straight Hair

Straight hair typically falls flat from the roots all the way to the tips and does not curl well. It is soft, silky, and many women with straight hair tend to have oily scalps that cause the hair to get greasy.

Wavy Hair

The hair type that falls right in the middle of straight hair and curly hair, wavy hair has a soft wave to it that isn’t quite a curl as it goes from root to end. Wavy hair tends to be more on the rough side in texture and can hold hairstyles well. 

Curly Hair

Prominent, bouncy curls from the roots down define curly-haired people. Typically, curly hair is more prone to being dry and frizzy as compared to straight and wavy hair types. Curly hair can be broken down into more categories, including loose curls, medium curls, and tight curls.

Coily Hair

Coily hair is determined by very tight curls and fragility. Coily hair tends to break easily when it is not properly cared for, so a hair care routine is crucial to maintaining your natural, coily hair. 

Washing Your Hair Frequently: The Factors

Are you washing your hair enough? Too frequently? Possibly using the wrong product altogether? All of these things combined can make or break your hair care routine. Most often, it’s recommended to wash your hair 2-3 times a week in order to avoid overwashing. However, this is not the case for everyone. 

To get to the root of your problem, you need to determine if your hair results in any of the following factors. And if it does, you probably need to be washing your hair more frequently. 


Oily or greasy hair has a tendency to gravitate towards dirt and pollution, which adversely leads to clogged pores and other conditions like dandruff. Age, genes, hormones, and lifestyle will determine how oily your scalp is. Due to the buildup of oils, you will need to wash your hair almost every day.

For help with your product buildup and oils, try Lift It Wash from VoCE. This product helps build volume while stripping away the buildup that has acquired on your hair. This shampoo is made with a natural stimulant meant to cut deep into those greasy/oily strands and provide you with the volume your hair needs to be healthy from root to tip. 

Dust or Pollen Grains

Individuals who work outdoors or spend ample time gardening may have to wash their hair more frequently due to exposure to the elements, leaving your scalp open exposed to dust and pollen. 


Do you lead an active lifestyle? Are you a globetrotter? The way we live our lives can determine how frequently we wash our hair as well. If you are constantly on the go, your scalp may feel more sweaty and need to be washed every one to two days. 

The Best Hair Care Routine Based on Hair Type

We’ve got all the details you need to start caring for your hair the way it was meant to be cared for. At VoCe, we want you to feel beautiful in the skin and hair you are in—so we work hard to provide products and processes that are individually tailored to meet your needs.

Straight Hair

Straight hair gets greasy easily and needs to be taken care of meticulously. To wash, a sulfate-free shampoo that helps get rid of excess grease and dirt should be applied. Hair should be washed once every 2-3 days unless you have other reasons that your scalp should be extra greasy.

If you have fine, straight hair, try our Lift It shampoo for added volume, while if you’re dealing with medium hair, try the Hydrate shampoo to add a bit of moisture. If you have thick or unruly straight hair, try our Smoothing Wash shampoo to get that sleek hair you’ve always dreamed of. 

To care for your straight hair, use a light conditioner and avoid leave-in conditioners. Try to look for conditioners that contain oils such as coconut or jojoba oil. This keeps the hair nourished and soft without weighing it down too much. Apply the conditioner only to the shaft and avoid the roots. 

Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, you can have a bit of fun experimenting with what you need to care for your hair. Wavy hair types fall between straight and curly and have a lot of room to use a variety of products, and are able to style their hair easily.

Wavy hair does not need to be washed as often  as straight hair and tends to be more on the dry side. Using a sulfate-free shampoo once every 3-4 days should work wonders for your wavy tresses. We recommend the Hydrate Wash and Rinse for wavy hair, because this will give your beautiful texture the moisture it needs to look its best. 

Condition your hair every time you wash it and use hair oil to prevent the ends from being too dry. A leave-in conditioner and a good scrunch to your hair will make your waves stand out.

Curly Hair

Curly hair can be very difficult to maintain, and it tends to get dry very easily. It is important to wash the hair using a sulfate-free shampoo. Use the shampoo right at the scalp and avoid getting too much down the shaft as it tends to remove essential oils and moisture. 

Wash your hair once per week to avoid it from getting too dry, and use conditioner once every 3-4 days to keep it soft and nourished. Conditioning your hair will be more important than shampooing it, and using a hydrating conditioner, like VoCe’s Smooth Wash and Rinse will give your tresses exactly what they need to nourish and replenish moisture in your hair. 

In addition to your normal bathing routine, consider using a deep-conditioning treatment as part of your regimen and a curl-defining cream to help those curls stand out. Everything you can do to minimize frizz and maximize moisture retention will benefit your hair.

Coily Hair

The tighter the curls, the drier the hair. Coily hair is going to need the Hydrate Wash or the Smooth Wash (depending on your personal hair needs) to prevent the hair from getting too dry. Focus on the roots; avoid the shaft. Consider co-washing with a conditioner every 2-3 days. 

Deep-conditioning treatments are a must when you have coily hair, so add them in at least once a week to replenish nutrients and hydration into your locks—this will help with the dryness and frizz. In addition, oil your hair an hour before you wash it with shampoo and conditioner. Using a moisturizing spray on your locks daily will also help keep them soft and hydrated. 

General Tips to Keep Your Hair Seriously Healthy

While there are plenty of individual regimens based on your hair type that will give you the best hair care routine, there are plenty of habits you can adopt for great, healthy hair no matter what kind of tresses grace your head. 

Some of our favorite (and easiest) ways you can maintain gorgeous locks include:

  • Getting regular haircuts to avoid breakage and split ends
  • Go natural often—this means avoid heat styling, letting it air-dry, and keeping it pony-tail free for a while
  • Maintain a healthy diet that puts protein back into your hair follicles
  • Avoid hot tools, or when you are using them, take extra care with your hair and use VoCe’s thermal heat mask to protect against damage from hot tools
  • Deep condition your hair weekly
  • Wear hats to protect your locks and scalp from the sun
  • Avoid scalding hot showers 

In Summary

Clean hair is one of the most important parts of having healthy hair, and maintaining a hair care routine is the best way to achieve your goals. When it comes to having the best hair care routine for your hair type, view these as simple guidelines to get started. Try new products and find what works best for your hair. 

At VoCe, we want you to love your healthy hair, so we have an entire collection of products designed to seamlessly integrate into your hair care routine, no matter what type of hair you have. Go take care of your hair right. Go love your hair—we do! 



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