Why Choosing Cruelty-Free Shampoo Makes a Difference

Why Choosing Cruelty-Free Shampoo Makes a Difference

Living on earth means that we constantly have to think about our use of natural resources and whether or not we are harming the planet. With all the changes that we’ve seen in modern technology, it’s easier than ever today to find and buy everything that you could ever want, especially when it comes to the beauty industry. However, with the increased number of products available also comes a responsibility to know exactly what you’re putting your money into. 

For decades, companies have tested their products on animals before they go to market, and this really does bring up a whole host of ethical questions.  

However, thanks to scientific advances, many companies have moved past animal testing and have realized how inhumane a practice it was. More and more beauty companies today are geared toward cruelty-free creation and products. Let’s talk about why this makes such a difference and why VoCe is part of the movement. 

What Is Clean Beauty?

The clean beauty movement is making headway in skincare, makeup, and hair care products. In order for something to be considered “clean beauty,” it must have a nontoxic ingredient list and transparent labels. In all honesty, you shouldn’t have to risk your health to use a product. That’s why ingredients like formaldehyde and triclosan are not allowed to be included in clean beauty products. 

Organizations determine the safety of certain ingredients by analyzing it. This can be done on a numerical or alphabetical scale, depending on its toxicity. The ingredient is given a letter or number on the scale and put in a clean/not clean category

What Does It Mean When Products Say They’re Vegan?

Any product that is considered vegan means that the ingredients don’t contain any animal products or byproducts. This includes products that don’t hurt the animal as well. Many companies use byproducts such as animal fat or ground-up animal claws in their products. When a brand says that they are vegan, vegan friendly, or 100% vegan, it means that their products do not contain anything from an animal. 

What Does It Mean When Products Say They’re Cruelty-Free?

Cruelty-free and vegan often go hand in hand on a company’s label. But what is the difference between them? Well, cruelty-free refers to the testing portion of a product. Even if that product is made without animal parts, it could still be tested on animals for safe usage. Even though it is common for beauty products to say vegan and cruelty-free, they don’t necessarily always appear together on a label. 

The Impact Of Cruelty-Free Products

Lab animals used for testing are often kept in cages their entire lives. Once these animals have served their purpose, they are usually put down and disposed of. We should do our part in eradicating these types of practices. 

Not only are the chemicals used in products that are tested on animals bad for them, they are also bad for the environment. Chemicals like this don’t belong in your hair or on your face. Companies that are committed to being cruelty-free often utilize more sustainable ingredients for their products to make them more green-friendly. 

Companies like VoCe that promote cruelty-free products help spread the word about the importance of buying these types of products. This spreads awareness about the risks of testing on animals and helps us move towards a world without animal cruelty. 

Benefits Of Cruelty-Free Products

Ditching products that test on animals also often means that you aren’t using anything with parabens, sulfates, and harsh fragrances. This is because most brands that don’t test on animals tend to have more natural ingredients in their products. Vegan and cruelty-free products are generally cleaner and more transparent with their ingredients. This means that what you’re buying is better for your skin and hair. 

A lot of cruelty-free products are also safe for your budget. Products from companies like VoCe are affordable and made with high-quality, organic extracts. So you’re saving animals and money when you opt for clean and safe beauty. 

There are over 7,000 ingredients that have been proven safe to use in beauty products. That means that it’s really not necessary to do any testing on animals or develop new ingredients. Sticking to safe, natural ingredients is the best route to take if you want the best results. 

The Dangers Of Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a term that is used to describe companies that brand their labels with phrases like “all-natural” to fool you into thinking that they are clean. They want you to buy into their claims and ignore the actual ingredients on the labels. This is because their marketing techniques are clever enough to entice you into blindly buying them. Make sure that you are vigilant and investigate products that claim to be organic and natural, so that you know whether they’re actually delivering on their claims or they’re too good to be true. 

If you’re thinking about switching over to non-toxic and cruelty-free products, it can be stressful. Educating yourself about all the potential dangers out there is a lot to handle, and you might find yourself throwing away a lot of old products that don’t follow clean beauty guidelines. It’s okay to start small; every step counts. Some of the best places to start are hair care, cleansers, deodorant, sunscreen, moisturizers, and lotions. 

VoCe’s Commitment To Cruelty-Free

All of the products that we sell at VoCe are 100% cruelty-free. We pledge to keep that promise because we don’t believe that animals should have to suffer in the name of beauty. We only include ingredients that are simple and clean for your hair. Here are some of our ingredients and their benefits. 

  • Shea butter contains vitamin A and E as well as essential fatty acids. This ingredient adds moisture and shine to your hair, and repairs split end damage too. 
  • White tea contains antioxidants that enhance color protection and provide anti-aging maintenance for your hair. 
  • Vanilla cactus soothes and moisturizes the scalp.
  • Sea Silk provides flexible structure for thin hair and brightens while retaining moisture. 
  • Acai berry extract has natural caffeine to protect your hair against free radical damage and oxidation. 
  • Passion fruit balances scalp oils. 
  • Brazil nut encourages healthy hair growth and provides strength and shine. 
  • Mallow flower extracts naturally smooth dry and brittle hair.

Cruelty-Free Shampoo From VoCe 

All of the shampoo, conditioner, and styling products from VoCe are made without animal testing and are vegan-friendly. Here are some of the things we can offer for your hair health. 

The Hydrate Wash Moisture Shampoo offers advanced technology which targets moisture-lacking fibers. It’s infused with natural fragrances of floral, coconut, and peach to indulge your senses. 

The Lift It Wash Volume Shampoo offers an organic stimulant to give you extra volume while stripping away product buildup. The ingredients in this wash help your hair grow to its full potential while maintaining its natural length. It’s made with bergamot and coconut for a soft, sweet-smelling aroma. 

The Smoothing Conditioner Rinse helps to soften coarse and unruly hair. It’s made with an intense conditioning formula that doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy. Conditioner is an essential part of any hair routine to help smooth the outer layer of your hair shaft and seal in moisture. 

Our Thermal Heat Mask is made without any alcohol and helps to protect against thermal damage and heat styling tools. It’s made with aloe to moisturize and protect your hair while giving it a glossy finish. The application is weightless, and it can be used on dry or damp hair before using a curling iron, straightener, or blow dryer. 

VoCe’s Surf Mist Beach Waves is a texturizer for effortless, undone hair. It’s infused with goji berries, proteins, and organic extracts for a beach-inspired style. The mist also contains pomegranate and red wine extracts for UV protection. 

Wrapping Up

Clean beauty is simple. We are getting rid of ethically harmful practices, toxic ingredients, and leaving you with only the best possible products. VoCe started with a mission to provide clean products to our buyers with results in mind. Our focus is to give you carefully chosen, healthy hair care that you can rely on. Buying cruelty-free helps save animals and increases the demand for compassionate products—and as the market grows, we’ll get closer and closer to changing the beauty game for real. 

We are also able to educate our consumers about clean beauty and cruelty-free practices through our products. Since the beauty industry still lacks regulations about animal testing, it is up to us to bring attention to the problems and become the solution. 



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