How to Use Conditioner: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Use Conditioner: A Comprehensive Guide

Conditioner is probably something you haven’t questioned before. It’s merely a part of your daily routine and has been since you can remember. But doesn’t it seem weird not to think about something you put on your hair almost every day? We’re here to break down why you need conditioner and how to find the right one for your hair. 

To start with the basics, conditioner is a moisturizing agent that replenishes your hair after it’s been stripped of its oils with shampoo. It’s usually made with ingredients like oils, emollients, and silicones to bring hydration back into your strands. So, let’s talk more about why conditioner matters.

What Are The Benefits Of Conditioner?

Conditioner not only nourishes your hair but also protects it. Conditioner helps to seal the hair cuticle in the shower so that heat damage cannot penetrate the hair shaft. Conditioner makes your hair look shiny and soft while also hydrating the deeper parts of your hair fibers. 

This step in your routine is crucial if you suffer from dry hair or you have color-treated hair. It’s also useful for detangling knots once you get out of the shower. Most conditioners work hard to keep hair growing healthy and prevent breakage. 

Another factor to worry about when it comes to your hair is pollution. That’s right; pollution affects your hair too. Every day when you step outside your front door, you are exposing your hair to a bunch of toxins. This includes sun damage, air pollution, and second-hand smoke. All of these things can lead to damaged hair follicles and even dandruff. 

Who Needs To Use Conditioner?

If we’re being honest, everyone. But there are a lot of different kinds of conditioners to choose from, and your specific hair type is going to affect which one you should choose. 

Your hair naturally produces something called sebum. This creates oil on your scalp and makes your hair look greasy after a while. To remove this, we use shampoo to wash the excess away, but sometimes shampoo strips your hair of its natural moisture, too, which is where the conditioner comes in. 

People with naturally dry hair should regularly use conditioner, as well as people who frequently use heat tools. Even repeatedly pulling your hair back with a headband or hair tie creates a strain on the hair follicles. This damages the hair shafts and causes your hair to look dull and frizzy. 

Everyone’s hair is different due to genetics, environmental factors, and how they have cared for it in the past. When you pick a conditioner for your hair, make sure that it fits your hair needs. 

How To Pick The Right Type For Your Hair

Before you pick a conditioner, think about your daily hair routine. Does it involve a lot of heat styling? Do you get it colored often? These are things to consider when picking out a potential conditioner match. Let’s dive into a few different hair types and textures.

Fine hair

People with fine hair have to be careful when picking a conditioner out. If you choose the wrong one, it can make your hair look flat and greasy. The keyword you’re looking for here is volume. You want to enhance the fullness of your hair and provide lightweight hydration. 

VoCe Product- Our Lift It Rinse Volume Conditioner restores volume to limp hair and leaves you with a sweet-smelling scent. It contains algae extract for moisture and UV protectants to guard your hair against damaging sun rays. 

Frizzy Hair

People who have frizzy or unruly hair need a smoothing conditioner. You want something that is going to coat each strand and provide it with hydration that will last. 

VoCe Product- Our Smooth Rinse Antifrizz Conditioner provides your hair with intense moisture. It’s made to reduce volume without feeling greasy afterward. The ingredients contain Passion Fruit, Brazil Nut, and Buriti oils to balance your scalp oils and encourage hair growth. 

Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, the main thing you’ll need is hydration. Dry hair usually indicates damage from heat or chemicals. Either way, restoring your hair’s moisture requires some extra work.

VoCe Product- Our Hydrate Rinse Moisture Conditioner is made to replenish dry strands with shea butter and wheat protein. It’s formulated with Vanilla Cactus and Hibiscus to soothe the scalp too. 

Curly hair with frizz problems or dryness will benefit from slightly heavier hydration from conditioners. However, if your hair is fine and frizzy, you may want to consider a leave-in conditioner instead. This will provide more lightweight and lasting moisture. 

How To Apply Conditioner

To condition your hair properly, follow these steps: 

The first thing you need to do is wash your hair with shampoo. After scrubbing your head, rinse it all away. Use a quarter-sized amount of conditioner in your hands. This is usually the recommended amount, but you can adjust it according to what you deem necessary. 

Next, spread it evenly onto the ends. Avoid applying to your scalp area if you have concerns about oiliness. You can start working your way upward with the conditioner, stopping at your chin. 

Use a wide-tooth comb in the shower while the conditioner is still in your hair to evenly spread it throughout your hair and detangle. You can also do this with your fingers. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about two minutes, and then rinse it out. If you are looking for a more intense condition, leave it on for a little bit longer. 

Using Leave In Conditioner

Leave in conditioner is another option for hydrating your locks. It can be used instead of traditional conditioner or in addition to it. Almost every hair type can benefit from a leave-in conditioner. You might find this method particularly useful if you have dry or frizzy hair. 

The best time to apply a leave-in conditioner is when your hair is damp. Use a towel to gently pat your hair dry after you get out of the shower. Spray the bottle evenly throughout your hair, and then comb it through. 

Those with thicker hair may have to use a bit more product to fully benefit from leave-in. If you’re wondering how often you should use leave-in, that’s up to your hair. When you use a leave-in, take note of how your hair reacts to it. If your hair feels healthy, continue using it daily. If your hair is getting too oily, reduce how often you use it. 

VoCe’s Leave-In Conditioner is lightweight and easy to use. It quickly moisturizes your hair and provides an amazing shine. The wheat protein adds strength and aids with heat styling. 

Be Careful When Using Conditioner

Conditioner is safe for everyone to use, but you can still be cautious when it comes to allergic reactions. If the product you’re using is irritating your scalp, you might be allergic to one of the ingredients. Try to avoid getting any product in your eyes or nose because it will burn!

Another thing to think about is if you are prone to acne, clip your hair up in the shower while the conditioner is setting. This will keep it off your skin and prevent clogged pores. 

What Is Co-Washing?

Co-washing is when you wash your hair with just a conditioner. This is ideal for people with curly textured hair or coarse hair. Since shampoos are designed to strip hair of its oils, some people skip this step to maintain their natural moisture levels. 

This process involves using a conditioner like shampoo. You’ll massage it onto your entire scalp and use your fingertips to rub it in. The conditioner will loosen any debris in your hair without removing the oils. You’ll also use a conditioner to hydrate the ends of your hair and remove any tangles with your fingers or a comb. 

If you’re interested in trying co-washing, we recommend our Hydrate Rinse Moisture Conditioner. Your hair may need to go through an adjustment period as you begin to co-wash, but be patient. 

What Are The Best Ingredients For Conditioner?

The best ingredients for a conditioner are moisturizing, hydrating, and come from clean sources. At VoCe, we believe that simple and clean ingredients are the best way to get results with a conscience. 

All of our products are vegan and cruelty-free so that you don’t have to feel guilty to look your best. Vegan beauty puts your health first, helps save the environment, and conserves natural resources. 

The Takeaway

At VoCe, you can be confident in the products that you buy from us. We take the time to make sure each bottle you receive is the best it can be. Our products do their job well and leave you with beautiful, shiny hair. 



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