DIY Salon Day: The Best Natural Hair Products to Give You That Salon Feeling

DIY Salon Day: The Best Natural Hair Products to Give You That Salon Feeling

Whether you are trying to save a little money or just enjoy feeling pampered, creating your own DIY salon day at home with all of your favorite natural products can feel like a glamorous escape from everyday life. So, we have rounded up some perfect ways you can recreate your spa-experience within your own walls using some great VoCe haircare products and some other tips and tricks to reach that ultimate relaxation.

Mimic That Fresh-From-The-Salon Feeling

A trip to the salon is a luxurious experience that we all love to indulge in, especially when we need a blowout, touch up, or trim. However, indulging in a professional blowout is not in the cards for most of us, so we need to find ways to bring the salon home. 

You can give yourself a DIY Salon Day with all of your favorite products that will make your hair look and feel like it was freshly styled at the salon. With just a few simple and easy to do tricks, you can feel glamorous 100% of the time from the comfort of your home. 

Use The Same Series Of Products

At VoCe, we provide product coupling that is intended to be used together for a reason—the scents and ingredients are a match made in heaven. Go natural with your DIY salon day by using our Essential Haircare Volume Set. This set is designed to give your tresses the full salon experience and is packed full of all the best ingredients, including a fragrance you’ll fall in love with refreshing bergamot, creamy coconut, and a delicate floral collection to balance it all.

If you are looking for products that aren’t in the business of volumizing your hair, VoCe carries additional same set bundles with equally exquisite ingredients and fragrances. 

Give Yourself A Professional Shampoo

Often, we are in too big of a hurry to slow down and actually indulge in our washing. For your DIY salon day, take the time to really give yourself a good wash. Throw in a massage to stimulate your scalp and give your head a circulation boost. This allows your natural hair products to have enough time to work their way into your hair and do their job properly. 

Double Down On Your Shampoo

If your hair is in need of a good deep clean, shampoo your hair twice in a row. Let your first wash be short and sweet to remove styling residue, and on the second wash, allow the product to sink in and cleanse properly. 

The Cold Shoulder

Rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water after using your favorite all-natural products. This allows your cuticles to seal and gives your hair a glossy finish. The perfect end to a DIY salon shampooing! 

Treat Your Tresses Right

Whether you are going all out on your salon day or this is a routine practice for you, take time to properly style your well-shampooed hair. But, before you grab your favorite hot tools, remember to protect your hair from heat.

At VoCe, we offer an entire line of styling products that have been carefully selected to provide the most benefits for your beautiful hair while sticking to our goal of being natural and healthy for your beauty routine. 

Additionally, use your styling products in moderation. Have you ever really watched your hairdresser as they have applied your go-to products in the salon? They never use huge quantities of them on your hair—a hazelnut-sized portion or a few pumps of a spray is enough to style a look to perfection. 

Go Full DIY With At Home Ingredients

While there are many options available when it comes to clean beauty products, sometimes it doesn’t get any cleaner than simple, over-the-counter natural ingredients. Because of the number of artificial ingredients found in so many hair care products, you may be looking for some new ways to bump up your beauty regime: especially your hair care. 

Natural ingredients contain many benefits that your usual hair products lack, including

  • Vitamins
  • Moisturizers
  • Antifungal agents

While many clean beauty products make use of natural ingredients, sometimes the ingredient on its own can do wonders and is worth exploring for your at-home salon day.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a natural emollient. This means that it can soften, smooth, and hydrate the hair shaft. Additionally, it can prevent damage from heat styling because of the hydration it provides the hair shaft. 

Avocado oil promotes hair health and can be used to prevent breakage, as the fatty acids in avocado oil can help repair the cuticle. The antioxidants in avocado oil help protect your tresses from environmental pollutants and reduce brittleness.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is hydrophobic, which means it repels water. What can this do for your hair? It deeply penetrates the hair and protects your cuticles from damage caused by constant wetting and drying. In addition to protecting your cuticles, coconut oil reduces protein loss.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, oleic acid, and linoleic acid, which help decrease drying at the hair shaft. Due to vitamin E, Argan oil helps add shine to the hair and is especially beneficial for color-treated hair. Applying it after a color treatment can help reduce dryness and damage from the dye.


Because it’s so rich in antioxidants, honey helps combat damage to your hair from free radicals and oxidative stress. Honey can both help and prevent damage from the sun and environmental exposure. 

Also, if you are looking for a great way to hydrate your hair, look no further! Honey helps retain moisture due to its humectant properties. 

Aloe Vera

If you are not growing an aloe plant in your home, it may be time to find that inner green thumb for your outer green beauty routine. Aloe is beneficial for both your hair and your scalp. Aloe can also keep the hair hydrated, resulting in smoother tresses, which can help brittle hair.

Additionally, aloe may be used to reduce dandruff as it has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. Furthermore, aloe can help reduce excess oil around the hair follicle and clean the scalp—so if you are battling a greasy scalp/hair, aloe vera may be worth a shot!

In Summary

You can really go two different ways and achieve that salon feeling at home: take time to research and fine quality, natural ingredients like VoCe Haircare for all of your needs and tackle your shampooing and styling like the professionals do. Or, you can indulge in some all-natural ingredients using them as masks or in moderation to add some vitality and beauty back into your tresses.

Whichever method you choose, there is no argument that natural hair care is important. And since our appearance is an overall statement of health and wellness, choosing the best all-natural products will continue to keep your hair looking and feeling like you just walked out of a salon. 

Choose to love your hair with simple, clean ingredients, and every day will feel like a salon day in your life. 



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