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All Access Kit

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Voce's Access Kit Includes:

  • 6x Gentle Wash 8.5oz
  • 6x Gentle Rinse 8.5oz
  • 6x Lift It Wash 8.5oz
  • 6x Lift It Rinse 8.5oz
  • 6x Hydrate Wash 8.5oz
  • 6x Hydrate Rinse 8.5oz
  • 6x Smooth Wash 8.5oz
  • 6x Smooth Rinse 8.5oz
  • 6x Purple Wash 8.5oz
  • 6x Purple Rinse 8.5oz

Styling and Finish

  • 6x Thermal Heat Mask 8.5oz
  • 6x Anti Frizz Smoothing Cream 8.5oz
  • 6x Volume Mist 8.5oz
  • 6x Surf Mist 8.5oz
  • 6x Style Me Cream 2oz
  • 6x Salty Mane 2oz
  • 6x Prep & Prime 8.5oz
  • 6x Glo Shimmering Hair Oil 4.5oz


  • 6x Leave In Miracle 8.5oz
  • 6x Hydrate Mask 6.8oz
  • 6x Smoothing Mask 6.8oz

Complimentary Products

  • 1x Hydrate Wash 32oz
  • 1x Hydrate Rinse 32oz
  • 1x Gentle Wash 32oz
  • 1x Gentle Rinse 32oz
  • 1x Lift It Wash 32oz
  • 1x Lift It Rinse 32oz
  • 1x Purple Wash 32oz
  • 1x Purple Rinse 32oz
  • 1x Smooth Wash 32oz
  • 1x Smooth Rinse 32oz
  • 4x Leave In Miracle 8.5oz
  • 6x Prep & Prime 8.5oz
  • 4x Surf Mist 8.5oz
  • 4x Thermal Heat Mask 8.5oz
  • 4x Volume Mist 8.5oz
  • 4x Anti Frizz Smoothing Cream 8.5oz
  • 4x Style Me Cream 2oz
  • 4x Hydrate Mask 6.8oz
  • 4x Smoothing Mask 6.8oz
  • 4x Salty Mane 2oz
  • 4x Glo Shimmering Oil 4.5oz
  • 1x Paddle Hair Brush
  • 1x Tent Card
  • 5x Brand Tri-fold
  • 1x Set of Shelf Talkers
All Access Kit
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