The Best Shampoo for Curly Hair: Key Ingredients and Washing Tips

The Best Shampoo for Curly Hair: Key Ingredients and Washing Tips

Having curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. Everyone loves your beautiful, bouncy curls, but they can be really hard to maintain. People who have curly hair often struggle to retain enough moisture in their locks and are left with a frizzy mess. 

We’re here to talk about how to pick a shampoo that’s right for your hair and what you should be doing to keep your curls healthy and intact. 

Different Types Of Curls

Curly hair comes in a variety of patterns; in fact, people have a classification system for them. The type of curl that you have is based on the shape of the follicle that your hair grows out of. The flatter the follicle, the curlier your hair is. The curl pattern is also determined by the shape that your curls make, whether they’re curved, windy, or spiral-like. 

There are types one through four, ranging from straight to coily. Then there are sub-classifications ranging from A-C to identify curl size. The better you understand your hair type, the better you can take care of it properly. Here is a short breakdown.

Type 2 hair is wavy and bendable, ranging from coarse to fine. It has an “S” pattern to it and lays close to your head. 

Type 3 hair is classified by loose or tight corkscrew type curls. This type is more prone to frizz than other ones. 

Type 4 hair is referred to as coily and usually has a pretty dry texture to it. The curls are small zig-zags that are prone to shrinkage. 

Curly Hair Vs. Coarse Hair

People often think that coarse hair and curly hair are one and the same. However, they don’t always go hand in hand. Hair’s texture is all about how thick the strands are, and hair type refers to its pattern of straight, wavy, or curly. You can have straight coarse hair or fine curly hair. 

Just because your hair is coarse doesn’t mean that it has to be dry or rough to the touch. Coarse hair can be just as soft and smooth as fine hair with the right hair care routine. Proper moisturization and gentle products will leave coarse hair feeling strong and looking shiny. 

Caring For Curly Hair

When caring for curly hair, you want to make sure that you focus on moisture first. You want to look for products that will hydrate your strands without weighing them down, so they lose their volume. Your curly hair also needs to be protected from things like wind, heat, and frizz. 

Avoid Overwashing

If you’re someone who usually washes their curly hair every day, you’re probably doing more damage to your hair than good. Too much washing can strip your curls of their natural moisture, which comes from your sebaceous glands in your scalp. It’s good to experiment with different schedules for washing your hair to see what works for you. We recommend every three days or so. 

Importance Of Conditioner

If you’re going to skip anything, don’t skip the conditioner. Conditioner is one of the most important parts of a curly hair routine. It provides moisture that gets locked into your curls so that you can style it afterward. Some people even do what’s called co-washing, where they skip shampoo altogether and “wash” their hair with conditioner.  

Styling Sooner

The sooner that you can set your curls after washing them, the better. Try to apply your styling products when your hair is still damp. Waiting too long could cause excess frizz and undefined-looking curls. Make sure to work the product in with your hands without raking through your curls too much. 

VoCe’s Style Me Cream is full of vitamins and botanical oils that provide a lightweight hold for your hair. It strengthens and smooths your strands for a frizz-free finish that lasts all day. 

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is curly hair’s best friend. It provides extra moisture that regular conditioners can’t accomplish. When you have textured hair, it needs extra protection from the elements, and investing in a leave-in is well worth it. 

Our Miracle Leave In Conditioner is an easy-to-use spray that nourishes your hair and gets rid of tangles. It contains wheat protein which adds strength and binds moisture to your strands. 

Avoid Brushing

Brushing hair after the shower is a huge no-no for curly hair. This disrupts your natural curl pattern and turns your hair into a frizzy mess. If you want to detangle in the shower, use a wide-tooth comb while your hair has conditioner in it. 

Avoid Sulfates In Shampoos

Sulfates are a common ingredient in a lot of shampoos because it creates a lather that looks appealing and really makes you feel like you’re getting your hair clean. However, they can dehydrate hair and strip them of its natural oils. This causes your strands to look brittle and even cause breakage. When it comes to curly hair, you want to look for products that are rooted in organic, natural ingredients that focus on moisturizing your locks. 

What To Look For In A Shampoo For Curls

When you’re shopping for a shampoo, you want to look for a formula with results in mind. This means staying away from parabens, harsh fragrances, and other messy chemicals. Look for ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oils, aloe vera, shea butter, keratin, and plant extracts. 

The type of moisture you’re looking for doesn’t have to be heavy-duty. The goal is to moisturize and protect your hair without causing it to look or feel flat. Using a mild shampoo with gentle cleansing agents is the best option for any type of hair. 

VoCe Products For Curly Hair

Our Smoothing Wash Shampoo helps to calm coarse and unruly hair. It’s made with passion fruit, brazil nut, and buriti oils to nourish every last strand. These ingredients help to balance your scalp oils to encourage healthy hair growth and gives a natural shine to your hair. It also contains tamanu seed oil to protect your hair from environmental aggressors and mallow flower extracts to smooth brittle locks. 

Voce’s Thermal Heat Mask helps maintain your curls by protecting them against thermal damage. You can use it on damp or dry hair to protect against temperatures up to 450 degrees. To use, mist from approximately six inches away and comb the product evenly through your hair. 

The Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream is perfect for taming frizz and pesky flyaways. It’s a light styling cream that contains organic argan oil and helps restore shine and luster to dull hair. It also has vitamin B5 and soy protein that improves tensile strength. 

Finish your styling routine with our Touch Me Spray that provides your strands with a flawless flake-free hold. Our spray doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue and is made with nourishing botanicals and fruit extracts. 

Other Tips For Healthy Curls

When you’re in the shower, avoid using hot water on your curls. This causes the hair cuticle to open and leaves strands vulnerable to swelling and damage. Coldwater will help you retain more strength and moisture. 

The best way to get rid of split ends is by cutting them off. There really isn’t a way around them, so trimming your hair every two or three months will help keep your hair healthy. To prevent more split ends from occurring, avoid tight hairstyles and stay away from heat styling tools. 

When sleeping with curly hair, it's important to think about protecting your curls from breakage. Sleeping on your side is the best way to keep your curls healthy, and wearing a bonnet or a headscarf will help keep your curls intact when you wake up. 

When you choose a hairbrush, look for one that has natural bristles, not plastic ones. Boar bristle brushes are the best way to spread the natural oils from your hair throughout your entire head. 

The Bottom Line

Looking to add more bounce and shine to your natural curls? The first step is revamping your hair care routine and taking extra care to hydrate your strands. Don’t forget that ingredients are the most crucial part of choosing the right shampoo. Try VoCe’s products to give your curls special treatment that your hair will thank you for. 



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