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You are what you wear

We put the same glowing ethos into our ingredients, and we formulate everything with clean, according to the latest European Standards, good for you, natural ingredients.


Glo is one of VoCE Haircare's newest product that adds instant hydration as well as give your hair a magical shine. The mist is great for restoring damaged hair without weighing it down. Each ingredient has been carefully selected in order to not only make your hair look healthy, but be healthy. 

Glo Ingredients and Why They Are Important

Some of Glo's main ingredients are Olive Fruit Oil, Argan Oil, and Baobab. These three ingredients are not only vegan but are vital to keeping your hair healthy. Olive Fruit Oil, a sustainably derived silicone alternative adds hydration and silkiness, blended with the power of Baobab Fruit anti-aging care from the legendary tree of Madagascar to bring back life to damaged hair without weighing it down.  


Olive Fruit Oil

Olive fruit oil is great for all hair types, working best with medium to thicker hair that needs hydration. This ingredient helps keep hair moist and strong. In addition, olive fruit oil is beneficial for processed and damaged hair. Hair that has been treated with relaxers, perms, or bleach, can most definitely benefit from the extra moisture that olive fruit oil provides. It can also help smooth the broken or burnt ends of your hair. 


Argan Oil

Argan oil is the ingredient that helps combat frizz and adds shine. With olive fruit oil adding hydration, argan oil adds moisture. Moisture and hydration may seem similar but they are quite different. Hydration applies to the inner layers of the hair follicle and is all about absorbing and retaining water. Meanwhile, moisture pertains to the outer layer of the hair follicle and is all about regulating that water by sealing it in with oils so it doesn't evaporate from your hair too quickly. Argan oil does just that, and with that extra moisture it helps improve hair elasticity and restore natural shine.


Baobab Seed Extract

The baobab is an ingredient that has been associated with many health benefits. It is native to regions in Africa, Arabia, Australia, and Madagascar and largely referred to as the "tree of life". The pulp is high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals such as iron, zinc, and potassium. This makes baobab highly moisturizing. Not only that but it has been proven to stimulate hair growth from the omega-3s the plant produces. It aids in boosting collagen growth and protects hair tissues from various environmental properties such as UV radiation or pollutions.

Clean Ingredients

Clean beauty is taking over by storm, but currently the most notable clean beauty industries are ones in skincare. There has yet to be a renowned haircare business that is completely clean or vegan. VoCE wants to make that change by 100% guaranteeing that all of our ingredients are vegan. This matters because customers today want to be more informed in the products they are using. They demand transparency as well as more education surrounding the beauty industry and their products. 

By choosing to have vegan ingredients, that means that you help save the environment, you help combat animal testing, and you help your hair by choosing a brand that does not contain harsh, synthetic chemicals.

In Summary

VoCE finds clean beauty to be important. That is the foundation of our entire brand. Clean ingredients are not only good for the environment, but they are also good for you in the long run. Our new product Glo, keeps in line with these values by using all vegan ingredients. The main three, olive fruit oil, argan oil, and baobab, are pivotal the moisture, hydration, and shine the product can give your hair. 

Our customers feel beautiful inside and out when using our products because of the time and effort spent into crafting each formula. With our new product Glo, we hope to continue to educate our customers and bring everyone a step towards a more natural, and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. 

 Styled with our Alcohol Free Thermal Heat Protectant and Volume Mist to help maintain healthy hair while using heat tools and to give your hair a lightweight lift while detangling hair. Looks are finished with a quick spritz of our new GLO Shimmering Oil to give locks a luxuriously shiny look!


Keep your hair routine clean and simple with our favorite styling product GLO Shimmering Oil to keep your hair staying healthy and giving you a refreshing but effortlessly polished look!





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Meet Our Team

Photography: Sarah Shen 

Instagram: @sarahshenphoto

Hairstylist: Misty Darwin & Kaz Amor 

Instagram: @mistydarwin & @kazamor

Make Up Artist: Alaina Barbagiovanni

Models: Selena Chen & Ksenia Komleva


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