Violet Shampoo: Is it the Best Shampoo For Your Hair?

Violet Shampoo: Is it the Best Shampoo For Your Hair?

Are you ready for the scoop on violet shampoo and why our consumers are obsessed with our Blonde Wash product? The thing about violet shampoo is this: it may not be the best shampoo for everyone on the block, but it truly is an unbeatable option for many. 

You may need to be using purple shampoo if you have hair that is:

  • Platinum blonde 
  • Balayage blonde
  • Caramel blonde
  • Brunette with blonde highlights
  • Ombre blonde
  • Silvery or grey

Are your locks color treated for any of these looks? We know it’s not always a walk in the park to maintain those cool hues. But you want to remain cool and collected, not frazzled and brassy—so violet shampoo is going to be your salvation. But why is that?  

Color Theory And Your Hair

Do you remember art class? A lot of basic color mixing in salons is rooted in that color wheel because warm and cool tones can balance each other out. The way that purple shampoo actually works is very similar to this theory. 

Because of the yellow tones that are deposited into your hair when you go blonde, you end up with colors that will eventually go more yellow, resulting in a brassy look most people are not fond of. However, using complementary colors in the right proportions will neutralize those brassy tones and return the hues to that cooler platinum or blonde you achieved in the salon.

Since purple is the complementary color to yellow, violet shampoo can ensure your beautiful cool tones stay that way. Violet shampoo is pigmented to counteract unwanted tones in the hair, as the purple pigments transfer onto hair to neutralize those yellow tones. 

How To Use Violet Shampoo Properly

Violet shampoo is a blessing for blondes. It’s necessary for creating longevity with those cool tones. However, violet shampoo needs to be used properly, and overusing the product can lead to problems. 

How And When You Should Use Violet Shampoo?

How do you know if violet shampoo is the best for your hair? First of all, if your locks require the use of purple shampoo, it comes down to using it properly and using the right kind.

There are multiple purple shampoos on the market. From highly-pigmented purples to silver toning for light bases, utilizing a purple shampoo that does the job and does it well is important. And using a purple shampoo crafted with good intentions is equally important. 

At VoCe, our Purple Wash is crafted with the best globally sourced ingredients so that you can feel confident in the products you use on your tresses. 

What If You Overuse Purple Shampoo?

Most people who use purple shampoo routinely will find themselves using it a max of one time per week. What happens if you deposit too much of that purple pigmentation into your hair? You won’t end up with brassy locks, but you may end up with ashy or dull hair. 

When it comes to using products like purple shampoo, it’s important to follow the instructions on the product and use it the way it is intended. You may find that the best shampoo method for your hair is every other week, but we can almost guarantee using it every day even every other day will be a mistake. 

So how can you avoid overusing your purple shampoo? First-time users, listen up! We want you to love the hair you are in, and so we’ve gathered a few tips that will help you utilize your violet shampoo correctly.

  • For first time use, cut it with a little of your regular shampoo. This will help you avoid over-toning.
  • Emulsify the product in your hands prior to applying it to your hair and continue to emulsify while in the hair.
  • If you have recently had services in the salon, consider waiting at least 2 to 3 weeks before starting at-home services. Purple shampoo helps when your toners start to fade, and using it too soon can mess up the balance of tones in your hair.

When Purple Shampoo Isn’t The Best

Hair is unique to everyone, so not every shampoo on the market will work for everyone. On top of that, some people may find that using a combination of products will work when it comes to finding the best shampoo for their hair.

While we know purple shampoo is a blonde’s best friend, so what about other hair types? At VoCe, we cater to a wide range of hair types by offering several clean, vegan-friendly options. 

In fact, different seasons and environmental exposure may shift the way in which you care for your hair. Depending on whether you need moisture, volume, or something else, your hair needs ingredients meant to nourish it and provide it with the nutrients it needs.

When You Need Hydration

If your hair is in major need of hydration and you are looking for soft tresses, try our Essential Haircare Moisture set. Packed with all the most important ingredients, like shea butter, white tea antioxidants, and certified organic extracts, this shampoo and conditioner set packs a punch in the moisture department. 

When You Need Smoothing

Sometimes, your hair is everywhere, and not in the way you want. When coarse, unruly hair is controlling your life, you may need a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to set things right. For less volume and a lot softer look, go for VoCe’s Essential Haircare Smoothing set

What helps keep those crazy locks tame? Our quality ingredients, of course: Tamanu seed oil, Buriti oil, Brazil nut, passion fruit, and mallow flower extracts, work together to create a wonderfully fragranced product that also smooths dry and brittle locks. 

When You Need A Break

Did you know washing your hair daily can be detrimental to the overall health of your hair? To give your head a break, try our Refresh Me Dry Shampoo. This is the best shampoo for your hair when you need a break from the shower and need to refresh and revitalize your locks. Our unique formula helps to soak up oil and remove buildup, which leaves your hair looking better than ever.

Refresh Me Dry Shampoo features rice starch, kernel oil, argania, and spinosa, so it absorbs dirt and oil while also conditioning your hair. 

In Conclusion

We love a good violet shampoo! It does wonders for blondes or highlighted hair. The pigments work hard to help neutralize brassy tones so that you can keep that cool, sleek blonde that you love. However, purple shampoo is not always the best course of action. 

Depending on what type of hair you have, you’ll want to find a shampoo that gives you all the best results. Your hair deserves love and attention and products that work hard to take care of it in its current state. VoCe products help you stay simple and clean with ingredients that are both simple and clean. Love the hair you’re in and get the results you deserve. 



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